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Hello people!
You saw that day is today? Less than two weeks at the fantastic Halloween! What will you do? What you’ll be doing?
I think one of the great things about this festival is the costumes. Today I recommend, therefore, some clothes always offered by online shopping site
They are all clothes that will allow you to be glamorous and stylish, but also scary. With them you can create some truly wonderful outfits
I suggest some of the most interesting items that you can find all at this link:

 Maybe paired with leggings or leather and glossy blacks a trick on the eyes will be focused fantastic.
 This is a true wonder! A shirt from bat, to match with the Doctor Martens and a smokey eyes.
 Un’outfit complete which combine black shoes, maybe the Biker.
 Who better than Chanel can make us look nice even on Halloween
You will be fantastic with these leggings, a perfect blend of irony and sympathy.
And you, which of these look do you prefer?

Fall’s time, my favorite season😍

Fall’s time, my favorite season😍

Berlin, summer 2014.
I miss this place so much❤️

Today I had a wonderful day into the nature, between trees and animals in a woods. It was a wonderful experience and I had the possibility to do lots of wonderful photos. 
This is one of those: this beautiful butterfly; She wasn’t afraid of my flash and camera.

Today I had a wonderful day into the nature, between trees and animals in a woods. It was a wonderful experience and I had the possibility to do lots of wonderful photos.
This is one of those: this beautiful butterfly; She wasn’t afraid of my flash and camera.

Hi people,
I’m back with a new post about clothes.

I announce that I’m starting a collaboration with I was contacted by Jessica, the gentle girl who takes care of advertising the site.
As I said in the previous post, I ordered from Choies twice already and I can assure you that it is one of the best online shopping sites. It offers a wide range of clothes and accessories, but also shoes and makeup.
I have always received quality garments conform to the descriptions and photos.

I would like to introduce you to the trendy clothes that you can buy from the site.

 1 One of the best things you can buy on the site are definitely the necklaces.
Lately we see a lot of the flashy jewelry-necklaces, which allow you to make special and sought after even a simple outfit.
In particular, I show you these:

The colors of these necklaces are all pastel or clear enough and, therefore, easy to match. The stones are securely fastened ho received two necklaces like this and I can confirm personalmente- and are of great figure.

2 We are approaching the winter is a joy if only for the fact that you can wear sweaters, clothing hot. Now we find of beautiful and different, but most details, such as these:

The sweaters come in all types, from simple to the most absurd. Leafing through the pages, you can definitely find a leader who reflects completely.

3 The jeans are essential to the life of every day, because it stands for comfort but elegance. Choies there arises a wide range, but I in particular-which I show you these are wonderful:

4 The shoes are an essential accessory for every woman. On Choies can find

Posdam, Germany, summer 2014

One of the best websites for online shopping from Asia, there Suggeses definitely Choies. I bought more than once and the products have always arrived on time without any delay. The garments are of high quality, the seams are good and the stuffs really enviable. I leave you a rundown of the products I’d like to buy or receive from the site and that, in any case, I suggest you buy.
A beautiful pair of jeans in style boy-friend, realized in the medium and wash with rips at the knees.

I really like the white sweaters, but this is one of the best. It has a beautiful floral inlay on the top.

For the winter I think sweaters like these are perfect. On the white stands out so much why Aztec wonderful.

The black to the white definitely gives me and how these floral motifs enhance the figure. Beautiful.

Choies for accessories is truly formidable. I suggest this wonderful gem necklace with stones, that will illuminate even the darkest and most somber dress.

I was asked by many people to speak even a little ‘fashion and beauty in this blog, especially on the various trends of the moment. Since the clothing and make-up are one of my passions, I welcome the request.

As you know, fashion is all the rage of Web sites in Asia and, therefore, leaders from China, Korea and Hong Kong. I have ordered several times from this kind of online stores and I think I have, therefore, say.
Many girls are afraid to order from here because they think that things do not arrive as expected or if the packages are lost during shipment. As for the non-receipt, you can rest assured. Most of these website has a customer service really efficient. If there was the package arrived, in fact, simply contact them through the appropriate email addresses (usually written on the bottom of the web page) by writing what is happened there. We will respond and either you or reimburse you send back the package. Many of the times in which the orders of forgiveness, unfortunately, it is not even the fault of the site. In fact, coming from China, some are stolen, others stopped or forgotten in some sorting centers.

Regarding instead the fear that the leaders are not beautiful, who is used to buying online knows, you have to risk. I will always recommend not to spend too much for a head, no more than $ 30-35, so that even if the object does not please you will not have lost much.
Very often, unfortunately, it happens that we expect a certain object and then do not meet or colors or sizes.

Although the measures are a problem that plagues so many girls. It is true, the sites are Asian and you know that Asians are much smaller than Europeans, but it is not always true. Since these sell website in Europe, in fact, many have adapted to our standards high. In every way to be sure you always find the length, width, depth, and another when viewed head. I advise you, therefore, to compare something of yours that will go well with this size, so there are no surprises.
I, for one, I always used this method and I never got the heads are too short or small.
The quality of the clothes varies a lot, unfortunately. There are so many things of the highest quality that cost very little and others that are just made of plastic, as some bags or shoes. Not all are bad, indeed, but it can happen in an order which you are unlucky and find things that you do not like, but given the prices of the garments you can also get over it.

I’m starting some collaborations with Asian sites and, therefore, I’m going to offer you their leaders as soon as I arrive. We will, in fact, a review, highlighting those indicating favorable and unfavorable.
If you have any doubt, however, do not hesitate to contact me.

I get to write a new post dedicated to my trip this summer yes, but above all one thing that I really care about, fashion. today, in fact, let me share with you my impressions that I gathered in Berlin, when I was there in August.
Being a capital city, in fact, it is definitely the nerve center in which they are born fashions and trends that will then reflect on the whole of Germany. There are many clothing stores, mainly in Friedrichstraße. if you go here you will find the large chains and American English, but are also present in the rest of the world, such as H&M, Bershka, Forever21, Zara and so on. Definitely worth a visit is the great Lafayette store that is located not far from Friedrichstraße. for those not familiar with this store you should know that was founded by Lafayette in Paris, where exactly is the most important point. It have all kinds of clothing and accessories of high fashion and class. the prices are very high, being major brands such as Gucci, Valentino, Armami, Dior, Prada, Chanel…
The Galleries Lafayette in Berlin are very large. just at the entrance is the department that includes women’s bags and some accessories. On the first floor there are jewelry and cosmetics for women along with some clothing on the second floor men’s clothes, while the last of the children’s clothes.
Walking through the streets of Berlin, I have noticed that the boys are dressed according to their own fashion and therefore do not have a fixed fee or a guru to follow.
I’ve seen guys dressed in 60’s style clothes, others in vintage style, others call it Hippy clothes in Italy and which we believe to be too outdated.
Then there are people who do not wear designer clothes, and bags of Prada, Chanel and Gucci or Armani suits and Horses. I have also observed that Italian fashion is very present and are really easy to find shops of Valentino e Dolce&Gabbana.
the young are dressed in large shopping centers that are obviously low cost, such as Zara and H&M.
Temple of low cost fashion in Berlin and it is certainly worth a visit is a huge Primark, located in Alexanderplaz. For anyone for those not familiar, Primark is a great Irish chain of shopping malls where you can find lots of clothing at really ridiculous prices; T-shirts even reach in 2 or 3 euro and pants also 5. leaders more “expensive” are jackets and winter coats, which can reach a maximum of 30 €. I advise you to buy the shoes here because they have prices that you will never find in other stores. With ten euro, in fact, you can buy two or three pairs of shoes. a plus for Primark is definitely quality. the fabrics are good, the prints will not ruin, pants and jeans fit well and do not have any kind of problem.
I hope to be a help in this small guide to Berlin fashion.
A kiss.

Second post about Berlin, today #Reichstag.
The Reichstag building in Berlin was built as a venue for meetings of the Reichstag, parliament of the German Reich. It was inaugurated in 1894 and returned to be the seat of the German parliament in 1999.

After the Second World War, the palace was largely in ruins. In addition, he had no real use, because the capital of West Germany was located in Bonn in 1949 Despite this, in 1956, after some debate, it was decided that the Reichstag would not have been shot down, but restored.
Unfortunately, the cupola of the original building was blown up. It was announced another contest, and the winner, Paul Baumgarten, reconstructed the building from 1961 to 1964, artistic and practical value of his work was the subject of much debate after German reunification. Because of provisions for Berlin by the Allies in 1971 Vier-Mächte-Abkommen, the Bundestag, the parliament of Germany, was not allowed to assemble formally in Berlin (even though East Germany was in breach of the provision, however, for he had declared the East Berlin Its capital). Until 1990, the palace was used only for occasional representative meetings and widely praised for an exhibition on the history of Germany, called Fragen an die deutsche Geschichte (Questions on German history).
The building is really very nice, nothing to envy to Italy for sure, but scenic. Before it opens the huge and beautiful park “Tiengarten”, where you can also make the picnic, a nap after lunch or a bike ride. If you are visiting the dome I suggest you book it through the official website at least two weeks before the Reichstag, in order to avoid the long line.
It definitely worth a visit.